What is CAPP?
The CAPP (Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention) Program began with the YWCA in October of 2011 and is grant funded through New York State Department of Health. The CAPP Program is focused on the prevention of adolescent pregnancy, and the promotion of sexual health among male and female adolescents who are 10 to 19 years of age. As part of the “comprehensive” approach, we offer programs that provide opportunities for youth to develop assets that ultimately support their transition into a healthy adulthood.

CAPP partners with agencies in Chautauqua County to provide a variety of youth development programs that promote healthy adolescent sexuality. CAPP also coordinates the Chautauqua County Positive Choices Coalition. These collaborations are essential to this program in order to advance a comprehensive community effort to improve the environment for adolescents through the development and implementation of a coordinated community plan.

Services Available
Evidence Based Education Programs
CAPP offers three evidence based programs that are intended to educate youth at an age appropriate level. The following programs contain curricula that have shown evidence of changing adolescent risk-taking behavior and that align with the NYS Sex Education standards.

1. Project AIM is geared toward middle school youth (ages 11-14) and seeks to help youth form their “adult identity” by helping them articulate their future goals and think about how risky behavior choices may jeopardize their path toward achieving those goals. Click here for more information

2. Be Proud! Be Responsible! is intended for youth between the ages of 13-18 and provides them with the knowledge, motivation, and skills necessary to change their behaviors in a way that will reduce their risk of pregnancy or contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Click here for more information

3. Be Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective! is a theory-based sexual risk reduction intervention aimed at pregnant teens and young mothers. The program seeks to take advantage of maternal feelings of protectiveness towards their children to catalyze positive behavioral changes that could improve the mother's health status.

Once an evidence base program has been completed, additional sessions can be offered regarding adolescent development, healthy life skills, college & career preparation and media messages. All programs are free of charge! For more information or to schedule a program, please contact (716) 484-4487

Not a #Number
Not a #Number is an interactive, five-module prevention curriculum designed to teach youth how to protect themselves from human trafficking and exploitation through information, critical thinking and skill development.  Not a #Number uses a holistic approach focusing on respect, empathy, individual strengths, and the relationship between personal and societal pressures that create or increase vulnerabilities.

GT411 Text Line Initiative
The GT411 (Get the Information) text line allows young people to ask non-medical questions about sex, puberty and relationships. All questions are answered by trained health educators and referrals are provided to local services. This initiative provides medically accurate information from a trusted source as opposed to the internet which contains considerable misinformation about sexual health.
The text line number is: 716-338-7344

Parent Education
Recurring educational sessions for parents are provided to help foster dialogue between parents and their children in regards to adolescent sexuality and communication skills.

The Positive Choice Coalition
The Positive Choice Coalition is a collaboration between various agencies within Chautauqua County to reduce risky behaviors in teens, prevent adolescent pregnancy, and to provide opportunities for youth to learn about healthy relationships, financial literacy, community resources and more. For adults, the coalition hosts an annual Youth Matters Conference in Jamestown. In 2013, the Coalition launched a website for teens, parents and educators. The web site includes a local referral guide to community resources, upcoming events, and education.

CAPP Program Contact Information

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